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Monday, 19 January 2015

For Red Week: My Favourite Set Things

One of the bloggers I follow is Ekunyi (Sarytsenuwi). A Set devotee and Kemetic Orthodox lady, she is behind an online celebration to honour Set called Red Week.

For my contribution, I present below (in no particular order) My Favourite Set Things!

My favorite image of Set from antiquity

The coronation statue of Ramesses III is the only complete (so far) statue of Set from antiquity, and features Set and Heru blessing the pharaoh. I have seen this statue for real in the Cairo Museum and it is breathtaking. It is also quite large: made of granite it stands 195cm tall and 72cm wide. Joan Lansberry has written a marvelous piece about this sculpture here including some dazzling up close photos of the Set side of the work.

A favorite modern rendering of Set: Zap Tripper

I love this image created by Zap Tripper last year. He has entitled it: "The Rebel King" (read more about this piece here ) I featured a blog on Zap in 2013. I was one of 2 people that Zap dedicated the above piece to. (My other fave Zap piece can be found on said blog post too: look for the work called "Set: Lord Of the Infernal Engines").

My favorite pieces of Set bling

I had this exquisite pendant made in 2011. More about it here.

These uas studs are my fave ear pieces. They were created by Silver Spot Studio.

A favorite Set book: Images of Set by Joan Lansberry

Joan Lansberry's art, writing, and research on Set is absolutely stellar. Her website contains much of her explorations of antiquity identifying images of Set, and this book compiles everything into one neat tome. As an artist that only paints Kemetic themes with Set as one of my principal focuses, this reference work is essential for me. Be sure to check out Joan's website. I also featured a blog on Joan as part of the Pagan Blog Project.

Favorite artwork from Deviant Art artists

"Set" by Red Morpho carries the Stargate guard theme to a Set conclusion.

"I come forth" by Mr.DGray There is something about this piece I like a lot.

"Bold Set" by Hbruton One of the first images of a modern Set that I came across online that really stuck with me.

A favorite re-manifestation of Netjer today: books from the Temple Of Set

With my interest in all forms of the re-manifestation of Netjer and Kemeticism today, of course Temple Of Set has caught my eye. Whilst I am not sure that they would agree with my suggesting that they are a branch of Kemeticism (they are more a philosophy, magick and mystery school from what I am reading), I find the books produced by Dr. Aquino and especially Don Webb most compelling. I can thank Mr. Webb for starting me off in "magick", all with the flavour of Set Himself. 

My favourite Set painting created by me: Winged Set

My favorite painting featuring Set is actually one of my earliest: Winged Set. Not only is it my fave, but I believe it is one of the best of all the paintings that I have created to date. I include the image below of my working on the piece to help give you a sense of the size of it. It is quite a thing to behold.

Happy Red Week everyone!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Unexpected Delight

A well known Melbourne artist purchased one of my paintings last year (the only one I have sold to date under the provision that it can be included in my upcoming exhibition at a later date). You can read about that here (and here).

I visited her home today, as she is giving me some tips about galleries to visit in my forthcoming trip to New York.

I finally got to see Sokar in situ at her home, as well as the marvelous frame she had it put in.

It took me by surprise. It is the first time I have seen my work displayed other than in storage, and it was quite a feeling. Sokar looked so majestic up on the wall surrounded by native art form other cultures.

Sokar in situ at His new abode
We got to talk about technique, colour, and productivity, as well some new water based oils that she works extensively with: I saw these for the first time and want to try them!

Last year was not my most productive year for artwork, and I had been feeling weird about that.

Seeing Sokar hanging on the wall today though changed that!

Another first: seeing one of my artworks framed. And it is such a beautiful frame too.

Dua Sokar!

Thursday, 25 December 2014


Many years ago I had a vision of a remote city that turned out to be Perth. This is one of the most isolated cities in the world and sits on the western edge of Australia. Australia is the country of my birth and like most of this country’s population I live on the east coast.

Going west has significance for me. There is the vision from earlier in my life aforementioned that suggested something significant awaited me there, yes, but there is also the symbolism of the sun setting in the west, the Ancient Kemetic meaning of the west as a place of regeneration (you may also read “death” - I read transmutation) and perhaps the end of a phase . . .  

I am travelling as a party of 5. A young family with two small children, a lady that I regard as highly intelligent and altruistic (a cut above the average person I find) and her partner who has been my band partner in the past and is a very talented musician. (Also their dog accompanies us).

I fly directly over the city of my birth which is in South Australia. Normally this is where I head for this time of year but not this time.

I sit on aeroplane seats that have a hexagonal pattern (I am trying to decipher the significance of six sided objects and wonder if they form a fabric to our unseen reality that is also the key to entering that reality; this is one reason why my painting Winged Set has hexagonals in the background).

On the back of the taxi van that takes us to the airport is a wild bull logo and stern bull’s head on the black leather – in the early hours of this morning I completed my final painting for 2014, Mer Wer.

What will I discover west? I am not sure, but it feels like entering an initiation. Certainly the last part of this year has been trying, and in fact the year as a whole was not easy for many reasons.

I have just read a wonderful article in New Dawn Magazine (coincidentally issuing a special release on magical Egypt for my holiday reading!!!) about symbolist Egypt – an area I have great interest in. I am very interested in the works of RA Schwaller de Lubicz but find his work so dense to read that I have come and gone to it many times over the years. This article was so succinct and illuminating it inspired me to write of all the symbols I find on my journey to the west.

My sketch pad and pencils are in the suitcase – I can feel new paintings waiting to emerge. I plan to spend time on the beach and enjoy a real summer (Melbourne summers are great when you get them but are very hit and miss) and my reading matter includes “Temple Of Set Vol. 1”, “Shamanic wisdom of the pyramid texts” and Molly Meldrum’s autobiography, which was given me as a gift. (As most of my readers are not Australian, I explain that Molly Meldrum is an iconic Australian music industry mogul who has a very strong predilection for Ancient Egyptian antiquities!)

All of this as we enjoy our first days of the new solstice (days will start getting shorter here now). Ra moves away to illuminate less here and more elsewhere.

The view of the Indian Ocean from atop the residence I am enjoying over the 2014 Festive Season break
The host of my holiday residence has this on his boat; the symbols just keep coming readers!

Close up of the rather wonderful Eye Of  Heru on the prow of my hosts boat

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Mer Wer

Hail the Ka of Atum!

My last painting for 2014 is of the divine bull deity Mer Wer, known in classical times as Mnevis. The painting is titled "Mer Wer" and is acrylic on canvas, 24" x 24".

Mer Wer (also Mn Wer, Khem Wer, Mer Ti) was  a Netjer in His own right, but like the other bull deities, He is considered an avatar (perhaps a projection, manifestation) of Atum (and more specifically Atum Ra)

There were three principal bull cults in Ancient Kemet, perhaps the most famous being that of Hap (Apis). This is most likely because of the spectacular burial vault we call the serapeum. The other bull cult was that of Ba Akh (Buchis).  Hap was an avatar of Ptah and later Ausar, and Ba Akh was the avatar of Montu.

I found this passage from the TourEgypt  website interesting:
When Akhenaten (originally Amenhotep IV) raised the cult of the sun to new heights, he . . . .  swore he would bury Mnevis bulls in this new city, but thus far archaeologists have not found any bull burials there. However, two Mnevis burials were found in Heliopolis, both belonging to the Ramesses dynasty. The bulls were found in individual tombs that were cut into the ground and sealed with a granite slab.
Getting the skin coloring for Mer Wer in this painting was probably my most successful feat of the whole piece - it looks black from a distance but is a blue black viewed close. Also, the medallions that form part of the background and read "beautiful Bull god / beautiful Ka, the life of Ra" turned out particularly well. As the photos presented here are from my phone they can not do the piece justice (as is always the case I find when trying to convey my work electronically).

The glyphs down the side read: Mer Wer, Hail the Ka of Atum.

The processes that brought about this painting are interesting, and will be the subject of a future writing project.

The painting has inspired an intended further 3 bull Netjer paintings. I have mentioned Hap and Ba Akh. Can anyone guess the third?

Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Joan Lansberry has written another poem that is both wonderful and timely.

I feature it here on my blog with her permission:

My hands are small,
small and weak.
My shoulders may be bent.
Is my voice hesitant?
Am I short of breath?
Certainly, I get confused.
What firm ground is there?
Did I remember to breathe deeply?
Am I remembering to breathe deeply?
Do I remember the Source of my strength?
I remember.
Hot voice on a cool night,
telling me, "Remember."
"Remember, you aren't alone,
You won't bear this alone.
Remember the Source of your Becoming.
Remember, it isn't just of frail earth that you're made.
It isn't just of achy, weak and tired flesh.
Your soul, your Ba, is formed of light-Essence,
Your Ba is Pure and knows her Maker.
Your Ba knows the God-Force that called her into Being,
knows His many names.
and can sing to you the pulsing song of His own Becoming.
Let that rhythm soothe you on a despairing night.
So many oceans, so many waves...
Remember the Source of your Becoming,
and you will remember the Source of your Strength.”

 Joan Ann Lansberry, 11-30-14

Joan says of the poem:

"The "hot voice in the cool night" is Set. There are three speakers in this poem. First, mundane "Joan Lansberry", Set with "Remember!" and then my Higher Self / Ba".

I first connected with Joan after coming across another of her poems and featured it on my site here back in 2011.

Joan's website is here.

Australian artist Robbie Porritt "Love Machine #2"

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Sometimes the process of becoming requires an undoing, a stripping back, in order for the pupa of the godling to rightly manifest.

It has occurred to me that to emerge properly into my next "phase" I need to unbecome for a while.

The last 3 months have been chaotic and disorderly. I went from a period of stability to sitting in the eye of a cyclone. Whilst the cyclone is still spinning, it has dissipated a tiny bit, and I am still trying to manage it.

And it is unsettling.

An interruption to my living space and a change of workplace has ruffled my feathers, but I am curious as to what this shake up has engendered in me.

I have had brought into sharp focus the question of "what do I want?"

I have answered as best I can by making decisions to reflect the attention to this (one being a trip to the US early next year) but feel like the depth of the question is unfathomable.

I feel so caught up in the heavy lead of time and the slow process of living that it seems difficult - to say the least - to even contemplate, let alone focus on this notion. That said a visit from Hehu has helped manage the vast sensing of time that I have been feeling right now. (Expect to see Hehu in a couple of paintings next year). (Not the first time I have mused about Time in this blog either).

Unbecoming is a word but not the process to "unbecome". I have been told at various stages of my life that my conduct was "unbecoming". Unbecoming of what? The notion of what the observing party expects me to be . . . . .

I remember reading a book in my early metaphysical days where the author quite clearly said that you find out who you are by finding out who you are not. Perhaps it is about learning to undo the layers I coated myself in in order to survive, thus finding the true entity hidden away beneath  . . . .

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Netjeru In America

A work in progress has inspired a trip to the US.

I will be in New York from February 1st for a week and then on the west coast (primarily California) for another week where I intend to work on a project I am calling "The Netjeru In America".

It is about the re-manifestation of Netjer in modern times specifically in the United States. I want to meet everyone I can that is involved with the re-manifestation of Kemeticism, Netjer, or Ancient Egyptian religion on a scale larger than "alone". In other words, if it is a personal practice, it is manifesting outside that personal practice into the world at large somehow.

I intend meeting with religious leaders, artists and authors.

There is a painting already planned - the trip to NY will supply the city-scape imagery I need to bring this to life. But the rest of the project may take place as interviews or informal meetings where I sketch or write notes or take video. I assume some parts will end up as blog posts, although my main focus is in building more inspiration for my paintings.

Readers of my blog or followers of my Facebook page that live in California or New York that are interested to participate or curious to know more can contact me and I will see if I can schedule a connection when I get over there.

"The Netjeru In America"
Acrylic on canvas
10cm x 15cm